A study on structural characteristics of beam-column connections with end-plate

Seong Hui Lee, Chan Myuan Park, Guen Chul Kim, Jin Ho Kim, Sung Mo Choi

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


End-plate connections are connections of which the end-plate is shop-welded to the end of the beam and fixed with bolts to the site. These connections are widely used in European countries and in the USA, and their design and connection details are proposed in Eurocode 3, AISC LRFD, and FEMA 350. Korea has recently introduced the US IBC criteria to improve the seismic design criteria specified in KBC 2005. Further introduction of the US connection details is expected in the design criteria for beam-column connections to ensure and establish a better seismic performance. In the US criteria detail for end-plate connection, beam size is controlled by guiding the beam's failure type for connections, using thicker end-plate, which presents an over-design problem when used in Korea, a country lying in a low-moderate seismic region. Accordingly, we analyzed the end-plate connection design criteria in the USA's FEMA-350 to propose an appropriate end-plate connection for the Korean seismic condition. A total of six specimens of beam-column connections with end-plates were manufactured depending on certain variables, including end-plate thickness and presence of shim, and structural experiments were conducted for these specimens to evaluate their ductility. Furthermore, finite element analysis model (ANSYS 9.0) for beam-column connections with end-plates was constructed to evaluate their strength and ductility by varying end-plate thickness.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages12
StatePublished - 2006
EventInternational Colloquium on Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures, SDSS 2006 - Lisbon, Portugal
Duration: 6 Sep 20068 Sep 2006


ConferenceInternational Colloquium on Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures, SDSS 2006


  • Beam-column connections
  • Connection detail
  • Ductile design
  • End-plate
  • Finite element analysis


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