Active brazing of alumina and copper with multicomponent ag-cu-sn-zr-ti filler

Sri Harini Rajendran, Seung Jun Hwang, Jae Pil Jung

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The study was designed to investigate the synergic effect of Ti and Sn in the active metal brazing of Al2 O3 ceramic to copper brazed, using the multicomponent Ag-Cu-Zr filler alloy. Numer-ous fine and hexagonal-shaped rod-like ternary intermetallic (Zr, Ti)5 Sn3 phase (L/D = 5.1 ± 0.8, measured in microns) were found dispersed in the Ag-Cu matrix of Ag-18Cu-6Sn-3Zr-1Ti alloy, along with the ternary CuZrSn intermetallic phases. An approximate 15 reduction in contact angle and 3.1 C reduction in melting point are observed upon the incorporation of Ti and Sn in Ag-18Cu-3Zr filler. Interestingly, the interface microstructure of Al2 O3 /Cu joints brazed by using Ag-18Cu-6Sn-3Zr-1Ti filler shows a double reaction layer: a discontinuous Ti-rich layer consisting of (Cu, Al)3 (Ti, Zr)3 O, TiO, and in-situ Cu-(Ti, Zr) precipitates on the Al2 O3 side and continuous Zr-rich layer consisting of ZrO2 on the filler side. The shear strength achieved in Al2 O3 /Cu joints brazed with Ag-18Cu-6Sn-3Zr-1Ti filler is 31% higher, compared to the joints brazed with Ag-18Cu-6Sn-3Zr filler. Failure analysis reveals a composite fracture mode indicating a strong interface bonding in Al2 O3 /Ag-18Cu-6Sn-3Zr-1Ti filler/Cu joints. The findings will be helpful towards the development of high entropy brazing fillers in the future.

Original languageEnglish
Article number509
Pages (from-to)1-16
Number of pages16
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 2021


  • Active metal brazing (AMB)
  • Ag-Cu-Sn-Zr-Ti filler
  • Multicomponent alloys
  • Shear test


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