Amnesic cache management for non-volatile memory

Dongwoo Kang, Seungjae Baek, Jongmoo Choi, Donghee Lee, Sam H. Noh, Onur Mutlu

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One characteristic of non-volatile memory (NVM) is that, even though it supports non-volatility, its retention capability is limited. To handle this issue, previous studies have focused on refreshing or advanced error correction code (ECC). In this paper, we take a different approach that makes use of the limited retention capability to our advantage. Specifically, we employ NVM as a file cache and devise a new scheme called amnesic cache management (ACM). The scheme is motivated by our observation that most data in a cache are evicted within a short time period after they have been entered into the cache, implying that they can be written with the relaxed retention capability. This retention relaxation can enhance the overall cache performance in terms of latency and energy since the data retention capability is proportional to the write latency. In addition, to prevent the retention relaxation from degrading the hit ratio, we estimate the future reference intervals based on the inter-reference gap (IRG) model and manage data adaptively. Experimental results with real-world workloads show that our scheme can reduce write latency by up to 40% (30% on average) and save energy consumption by up to 49% (37% on average) compared with the conventional LRU based cache management scheme.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication31st Symposium on Massive Storage Systems and Technologies, MSST 2015
PublisherIEEE Computer Society
ISBN (Electronic)9781467376198
StatePublished - 17 Aug 2015
Event31st Symposium on Massive Storage Systems and Technologies, MSST 2015 - Santa Clara, United States
Duration: 30 May 20155 Jun 2015

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NameIEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies
ISSN (Print)2160-1968


Conference31st Symposium on Massive Storage Systems and Technologies, MSST 2015
Country/TerritoryUnited States
CitySanta Clara


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