Anti-Fogging, Photocatalytic and Self-Cleaning Properties of TiO2-Transparent Coating

Shielah Mavengere, Jung Sik Kim

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Transparent, photocatalytic, and self-cleaning TiO2thin film is developed by TiO2sol-gel coating on glass and polycarbonate (PC) substrates. Acetyl acetone (AcAc) suppresses the precipitation of TiO2by forming a yellowish (complex) transparent sol-gel. XPS analysis confirms the presence of Ti2pand O1s in the thin films on glass and PC substrates. The TiO2- sol is prepared by stabilizing titanium (IV) isopropoxide (TTIP) with diethylamine and methyl alcohol. The addition of AcAcsilane coupling solution to the TiO2-sol instantaneously turns to yellowish color owing to the complexing of titanium with AcAc. The AcAc solution substantially improves the photocatalytic property of the TiO2coating layer in MB solutions. The coated TiO2film exhibits super hydrophilicity without and with light irradiation. The TiO2thin film stabilized by adding 8.7 wt% AcAc shows the highest photo-degradation for methylene blue (MB) solution under UV light irradiation. Also, the optimum photocatalytic activity is obtained for the 8.7 wt% AcAc-stabilized TiO2coating layer calcined at 450 oC. The thin-films on glass exhibit fast self-cleaning from oleic acid contamination within 45 min of UV-light irradiation. The appropriate curing time at 140 oC improves the anti-fogging and thermal stability of the TiO2film coated on PC substrate. The watermark-free PC substrate is particularly beneficial to combat fogging problems of transparent substrates.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)8-15
Number of pages8
JournalKorean Journal of Materials Research
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2021


  • anti-forging
  • photocatalytic
  • self-cleaning
  • sol-gel coating
  • transparent TiO


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