Application of green nanomaterials in catalysis industry

Monu Verma, Shaveta Sharma, Ashwani Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Minsoo Kim, Youngmin Hong, Ingyu Lee, Hyunook Kim

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During the past few decades, research efforts have resulted in numerous potential application areas for nanotechnology. These materials have become industrially relevant, leading to the question of their ecofriendliness. Currently, the application of green nanotechnologies provides one of the most innovative tools in the large-scale industrial sector. This tool makes changes in the system through its intensification and industrialization, which exploit biological routes for the synthesis of nanomaterials. It particularly aims to minimize the production of hazardous substances, the input of energy, and the disruptive potential of this technology. In this chapter, the various possibilities for the synthesis of nanomaterials, especially green synthesis approaches, are discussed. Further, methods to reduce the environmental impact, especially by reducing waste, solvents, precursors, and derivatives, are considered. Catalytic applications to the commercialization of the developed green nanomaterials as efficient catalysts are also comprehensively discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationGreen Nanomaterials for Industrial Applications
Number of pages29
ISBN (Electronic)9780128236222
ISBN (Print)9780128232965
StatePublished - 5 Oct 2021


  • Catalysts
  • Ecofriendly
  • Green nanomaterials
  • Green synthesis
  • Industry


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