Contention-free scheduling for mixed-criticality multiprocessor real-time system

Hyeongboo Baek, Kilho Lee

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Zero-laxity (ZL) and contention-free (CF) policies have received considerable attention owing to their simplicity and applicability to real-time systems equipped with symmetry multiprocessors. Recently, the ZL policy for mixed-criticality (MC) systems has been proposed and studied, but the applicability to and performance of the CF policy for MC systems have not been investigated yet. In this paper, we propose the CF policy (as a scheduling policy) for MC symmetry multiprocessor systems, referred to as the MC systems tailored CF policy (MC-CF), and a schedulability analysis in support thereof. We define the notion of contention-free slots for two different criticalities (ofMCsystems) of tasks, propose a technique to limit the amount to be utilized for each task by defining an upper bound, and subsequently explain the way in which the contention-free slots are systematically utilized to improve the schedulability of MC symmetry multiprocessor systems. Following this, we develop a deadline analysis (DA) for MC-CF. Using our experimental results under various environmental settings, we demonstrate that MC-CF can significantly improve the schedulability of fixed-priority scheduling.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1515
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 2020


  • Contention-free
  • Hard real-time systems
  • Schedulability
  • Symmetry multiprocessor platform
  • Zero-laxity policy


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