Dendrimer-like DNA-based fluorescence nanobarcodes

Soong Ho Um, Jong Bum Lee, Sang Yeon Kwon, Yougen Li, Dan Luo

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A major challenge in clinical diagnostics and environmental analysis is the difficulty in rapid and sensitive detection of multiple target molecules simultaneously (i.e., multiplexed detections). Our group has designed and synthesized a dendrimer-like DNA (DL-DNA) that is multivalent and anisotropic; using this unique DNA structure, we have developed a fluorescence-tagged nanobarcode system for multiplex detection. This nanobarcode system allows the rapid and sensitive detection of multiple pathogens simultaneously using the ratios of two different fluorescent dyes, green and red, with which different DL-DNAs are labeled. The key step of our nanobarcode model lies in the monodisperse preparation of DL-DNA. Two methods, solution phase and solid phase, are presented here. With slight modifications, this platform technology can also be extended to the multiplexed detection of RNA and proteins. This protocol can be completed in 2-5 d.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)995-1000
Number of pages6
JournalNature Protocols
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jul 2006


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