Development and evaluation of laws and regulation for the low-carbon and green growth in Korea

Myungjun Jang, Jin Ah Kim, Soon Tak Sun

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The mitigation and adaption to Climate Change is considered as one of the most crucial and urgent issues for a sustainable future. Even though there have been a series of international efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change, Korea has not considered climate change as a crucial paradigm for its future development. Recently, the Korean National Assembly passed the Framework Act on Low, Carbon Green Growth (FALCGG) in order to guide national strategies for green growth. Thus, this study mainly focuses on the development of the legal foundation of low-carbon green growth in Korea based on the recently enacted FALCGG. By analyzing the act and reviewing the international and domestic trends on green growth, this study provides 1) the understanding of the act, 2) the reasoning for enactment of the act, and 3) the relationships between the act and other related acts and regulations. And lastly, this study provides possible policy implications for the development of legal and regulatory systems for reducing GHGs and achieving green growth while considering spatial planning context.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)191-206
Number of pages16
JournalInternational Journal of Urban Sciences
Issue number2
StatePublished - Aug 2010


  • Climate change
  • Environment
  • Green growth
  • Laws and regulations
  • Spatial planning
  • The framework act on low-carbon


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