Herbicide-based weed management for soybean production in the far eastern region of russia

Jong Seok Song, Ji Hoon Chung, Kyu Jong Lee, Jihyung Kwon, Jin Won Kim, Ji Hoon Im, Do Soon Kim

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This study was conducted to establish a weed management system based on the sequential application of pre-emergence (PRE) and post-emergence (POST) herbicides for soybean production in Primorsky krai. Field experiments were conducted for two years in a field located in Bogatyrka, Primorsky krai, Russia (N4349, E13136). No herbicide application resulted in significant soybean yield loss, 0.03–0.3 t ha−1, which is more than 91.6% yield loss compared with that of the weed-free plot. The PRE application of acetochlor showed good weed control efficacy (greater than 90% weed control) with acceptable soybean safety (less than 10% soybean damage), while the other PRE herbicides performed poorly in terms of weed control. The POST application of bentazon + acifluorfen, bentazon, and imazamox at 30 days after soybean sowing (DAS) showed good weed control efficacy with good soybean safety. Neither the PRE nor POST application alone showed a sufficient soybean yield protection, resulting in much lower soybean yield than the weed-free plot. The sequential application of acetochlor (PRE), followed by either bentazon + acifluorfen (POST) at 30 DAS in 2012 or bentazon + imazamox (POST) at 60 DAS in 2013 showed the best performance in soybean yields, 1.7 t and 1.9 t ha−1, respectively, provided with 724.5 US$ and 1155.6 US$ ha−1 of economic returns. For alternative PRE herbicides of acetochlor, which is now banned, our tests of the sequential application of S-metolachlor with other POST herbicides and the sole application of other PRE herbicides revealed that S-metolachlor and clomazone could also be considered. Our results thus demonstrate that the sequential applications of PRE and POST herbicides should be incorporated into the weed management system for soybean production in Primorsky krai, Russia.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1823
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 2020


  • Acetochlor
  • Bentazon
  • Clomazone
  • Sequential application
  • Soybean


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