Holographic view of causality and locality via branes in AdS/CFT correspondence

Dongsu Bak, Soo Jong Rey

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We study dynamical aspects of the holographic correspondence between d = 5 anti-de Sitter supergravity and d = 4 super Yang - Mills theory. We probe causality and locality of ambient space-time from super Yang - Mills theory by studying transmission of low-energy brane waves via an open string stretched between two D3-branes in the Coulomb branch. By analyzing two relevant physical threshold scales, we find that causality and locality is encoded in the super Yang - Mills theory in terms of an infinite tower of long supermultiplet operators. The massive W-boson and dual magnetic monopole behave more properly as extended, bilocal objects. We also study the causal time-delay of a low-energy excitation on a heavy quark or meson and find excellent agreement between the anti-de Sitter supergravity and super Yang - Mills theory descriptions. We observe that the strong 't Hooft coupling dynamics and the holographic scale-size relation thereof play a crucial role to the agreement of dynamical processes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)151-187
Number of pages37
JournalNuclear Physics B
Issue number1-2
StatePublished - 17 Apr 2000


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