Performance of prototype GE1∕1 chambers for the CMS muon spectrometer upgrade

M. Abbas, M. Abbrescia, H. Abdalla, S. Abu Zeid, A. Agapitos, A. Ahmad, A. Ahmed, W. Ahmed, S. Amarjeet, I. Asghar, P. Aspell, C. Avila, J. Babbar, Y. Ban, R. Band, S. Bansal, L. Benussi, V. Bhatnagar, M. Bianco, S. BiancoK. Black, L. Borgonovi, O. Bouhali, A. Braghieri, S. Braibant, S. Butalla, S. Calzaferri, M. Caponero, F. Cassese, N. Cavallo, S. Chauhan, S. Colafranceschi, A. Colaleo, A. Conde Garcia, M. Dalchenko, A. De Iorio, G. De Lentdecker, D. Dell Olio, G. De Robertis, W. Dharmaratna, S. Dildick, B. Dorney, R. Erbacher, F. Fabozzi, F. Fallavollita, D. Fiorina, E. Fontanesi, M. Franco, C. Galloni, P. Giacomelli, J. Gilmore, M. Gola, M. Gruchala, A. Gutierrez, R. Hadjiiska, T. Hakkarainen, J. Hauser, K. Hoepfner, M. Hohlmann, H. Hoorani, T. Huang, P. Iaydjiev, A. Irshad, A. Iorio, J. Jaramillo, D. Jeong, V. Jha, A. Juodagalvis, E. Juska, T. Kamon, P. Karchin, A. Kaur, H. Kaur, H. Keller, H. Kim, J. Kim, A. Kumar, S. Kumar, H. Kumawat, N. Lacalamita, J. Lee, A. Levin, Q. Li, F. Licciulli, L. Lista, F. Loddo, M. Lohan, M. Luhach, M. Maggi, N. Majumdar, K. Malagalage, S. Malhorta, S. Martiradonna, N. Mccoll, C. McLean, J. Merlin, D. Mishra, G. Mocellin, L. Moureaux, A. Muhammad, S. Muhammad, S. Mukhopadhyay, M. Naimuddin, P. Netrakanti, S. Nuzzo, R. Oliveira, L. Pant, P. Paolucci, I. Park, L. Passamonti, G. Passeggio, A. Peck, L. Petre, H. Petrow, D. Piccolo, D. Pierluigi, G. Raffone, M. Rahmani, F. Ramirez, A. Ranieri, G. Rashevski, M. Ressegotti, C. Riccardi, M. Rodozov, C. Roskas, B. Rossi, P. Rout, J. D. Ruiz, A. Russo, A. Safonov, D. Saltzberg, G. Saviano, A. Shah, A. Sharma, R. Sharma, M. Shopova, F. Simone, J. Singh, E. Soldani, U. Sonnadara, E. Starling, B. Stone, J. Sturdy, G. Sultanov, Z. Szillasi, D. Teague, D. Teyssier, T. Tuuva, M. Tytgat, I. Vai, N. Vanegas, R. Venditti, P. Verwilligen, W. Vetens, A. Virdi, P. Vitulo, A. Wajid, D. Wang, K. Wang, N. Wickramage, Y. Yang, U. Yang, J. Yongho, I. Yoon, Z. You, I. Yu, S. Zaleski

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The high-luminosity phase of the Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) will result in ten times higher particle background than measured during the first phase of LHC operation. In order to fully exploit the highly-demanding operating conditions during HL-LHC, the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) Collaboration will use Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) detector technology. The technology will be integrated into the innermost region of the forward muon spectrometer of CMS as an additional muon station called GE1∕1. The primary purpose of this auxiliary station is to help in muon reconstruction and to control level-1 muon trigger rates in the pseudo-rapidity region 1.6≤|η|≤2.2. The new station will contain trapezoidal-shaped GEM detectors called GE1∕1 chambers. The design of these chambers is finalized, and the installation is in progress during the Long Shutdown phase two (LS-2) that started in 2019. Several full-size prototypes were built and operated successfully in various test beams at CERN. We describe performance measurements such as gain, efficiency, and time resolution of these prototype chambers, developed after years of R&D, and summarize their behavior in different gas compositions as a function of the applied voltage.


  • CMS
  • GEM
  • High Luminosity LHC


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