Reference-Free Displacement Estimation of Bridges Using Kalman Filter-Based Multimetric Data Fusion

Soojin Cho, Jong Woong Park, Rajendra P. Palanisamy, Sung Han Sim

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Displacement responses of a bridge as a result of external loadings provide crucial information regarding structural integrity and current conditions. Due to the relative characteristic of displacement, the conventional measurement approach requires reference points to firmly install the transducers, while the points are often unavailable for bridges. In this paper, a displacement estimation approach using Kalman filter-based data fusion is proposed to provide a practical means for displacement measurement. The proposed method enables accurate displacement estimation by optimally utilizing acceleration and strain in combination that have high availability and are free from reference points for sensor installation. The Kalman filter is formulated using a state-space model representing the double integration of acceleration and model-based strain-displacement relationship. The validation of the proposed method is conducted successfully by a numerical simulation and a field experiment, which shows the efficacy and accuracy of the proposed approach in bridge displacement measurement.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3791856
JournalJournal of Sensors
StatePublished - 2016


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