Related-cipher attacks on block ciphers with flexible number of rounds

Jaechul Sung, Jongsung Kim, Changhoon Lee, Seokhie Hong

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Related-cipher attack was introduced by Hongjun Wu in 2002 [25]. We can consider related ciphers as block ciphers with the same round function but different number of rounds. This attack can be applied to related ciphers by using the fact that their key schedules do not depend on the total number of rounds. In this paper we introduce differential related-cipher attack on block ciphers, which combine related-cipher attack with differential cryptanalysis. We apply this attack to the block ciphers ARIA [15] and SC2000 [24]. Furthermore, related-cipher attack can be combined with other block cipher attacks such as linear cryptanalysis, higher-order differential cryptanalysis, and so on. With these combined attacks we also analyze some other block ciphers which use flexible number of rounds, SAFER++, CAST-128 and DEAL.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationWEWoRC 2005 - Western European Workshop on Research in Cryptology
Number of pages12
StatePublished - 2005
Event1st Western European Workshop on Research in Cryptology, WEWoRC 2005 - Leuven, Belgium
Duration: 5 Jul 20057 Jul 2005

Publication series

NameLecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Proceedings - Series of the Gesellschaft fur Informatik (GI)
ISSN (Print)1617-5468


Conference1st Western European Workshop on Research in Cryptology, WEWoRC 2005


  • ARIA
  • Block cipher
  • CAST-128
  • DEAL
  • Differential cryptanalysis
  • Related-cipher attack
  • Related-key attack
  • SAFER++
  • SC2000
  • Slide attack


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