The occurrence time estimation of oil contaminated source considering hydro-geological features

Yang Kyoo Lee, Hee Wook Ryu, Jai Young Lee, Jung Geun Han, Kyong Ho Chang, Jae Ho Lee

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As industrial activities increase, the risk of geological contamination in Korea is becoming higher. The possibility of contamination is especially rising due to the increase of oil leakage and the corrosion of oil storage facilities. In this study, which was based on oil leakage cases in Korea, the occurrence time of oil contamination trace and source was hydro-geologically, such as groundwater flow considered soil composition, physical properties of soil and level of soil layers etc, estimated by examining the cause and ranges of an oil contamination event. It has been verified that the contamination history of potential contamination sources as well as the ranges and features of contamination sources were analyzed based on the test results of well, soil, and groundwater contamination status. The influential range of contaminated grounds and the occurrence time of oil leakage, considering hydro-geological features in the sites, can also be estimated. The occurrence time of oil leakage was estimated as 430 days when the mean void velocity was 0.52 m/day. The distance of pollutant migration was also estimated using the same method at 225 m.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)95-103
Number of pages9
JournalGeosciences Journal
Issue number2
StatePublished - 30 Jun 2007


  • Contamination source
  • Hydro-geological features
  • Occurrence time
  • Oil leakage


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