Three-Dimensional CFD simulation of waste plastic (SRF) gasification in a bubbling fluidized bed with detailed kinetic chemical model

Diyar Tokmurzin, Ji Young Nam, Sung Jin Park, Sang Jun Yoon, Tae Young Mun, Sung Min Yoon, Ji Hong Moon, Jae Goo Lee, Dong Hyun Lee, Ho Won Ra, Myung Won Seo

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The utilization of municipal solid waste combustible fractions as a fuel is generally preferred over landfilling. Fuels derived from waste materials, such as solid refuse fuel (SRF), can be utilized for energy generation using pyrolysis, gasification, and combustion. A three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model was developed for the simulation of SRF gasification process in a bubbling fluidized bed (BFB). The gas phase and solid phase were studied using the large eddy simulation (LES) approach and the multiple particle-in-cell (MP-PIC) method, respectively. The simulation included the chemical kinetic model of SRF drying, pyrolysis, gas–solid reactions, and homogeneous reactions. The kinetic chemistry model was expanded to reflect a higher yield of C2-C3 gases and tars evolved from SRF. The simulation results were compared with the gas composition obtained from experiments conducted on a lab-scale reactor having a capacity, height, and internal diameter of 1 kg/h, 1 m, and 0.114 m, respectively. The independence of the accuracy of the model on the mesh resolution and computational particle number was examined. Varying air-to-fuel equivalence ratio (ER) to 0.20, 0.25, and 0.30 changed syngas LHV to 25.40, 16.86, and 14.30 kJgas/gfuel respectively and changed C2-C3 hydrocarbons yield to 0.30, 0.18, and 0.16 g/gfuel respectively. Changing the SRF feed location to below the bed at ER = 0.25, increased the gas LHV to 19.85 kJgas/gfuel and increased C2-C3 hydrocarbons yield to 0.21. SRF BFB gasification reactor model can be exploited for simulation of low ER autothermal decomposition of SRF to C2-C3 hydrocarbons or high LHV gas production.

Original languageEnglish
Article number115925
JournalEnergy Conversion and Management
StatePublished - 1 Sep 2022


  • CFD
  • Fluidization
  • Gasification
  • MP-PIC
  • Solid refuse fuel


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