Ultrathin higherature oxidation-resistant coatings of hexagonal boron nitride

Zheng Liu, Yongji Gong, Wu Zhou, Lulu Ma, Jingjiang Yu, Juan Carlos Idrobo, Jeil Jung, Allan H. Macdonald, Robert Vajtai, Jun Lou, Pulickel M. Ajayan

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Hexagonal boron nitride is a two-dimensional layered material that can be stable at 1,500C in air and will not react with most chemicals. Here we demonstrate large-scale, ultrathin, oxidation-resistant coatings of high-quality hexagonal boron nitride layers with controlled thicknesses from double layers to bulk. We show that such ultrathin hexagonal boron nitride films are impervious to oxygen diffusion even at high temperatures and can serve as high-performance oxidation-resistant coatings for nickel up to 1,100 °C in oxidizing atmospheres. Furthermore, graphene layers coated with a few hexagonal boron nitride layers are also protected at similarly high temperatures. These hexagonal boron nitride atomic layer coatings, which can be synthesized via scalable chemical vapour deposition method down to only two layers, could be the thinnest coating ever shown to withstand such extreme environments and find applications as chemically stable higherature coatings.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2541
JournalNature Communications
StatePublished - 2013


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