Utilization of a thin columnar cesium iodide (CsI) layer in gas avalanche microdetector

H. S. Cho, I. J. Park, W. S. Hong, V. Perez-Mendez, J. Kadyk

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A thin (200-300 μm) layer of columnar cesium iodide (CsI) crystals has been coupled to a conventional microstrip gas chamber. This layer provides the dominant source of electron production by incident charged particles in gas avalanche microdetectors, and is expected to make a significant improvement in spatial and time resolution, and detection efficiency, with respect to particle's angle of incidence. The CsI layer also makes the chamber useful for X- or γ-ray detection with good position accuracy. In this paper, measurements are presented of signal enhancement due to the columnar CsI layer, and the efficiency versus angle.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)269-272
Number of pages4
JournalNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
Issue number1-3
StatePublished - 1999


  • Columnar cesium iodide
  • Gas avalanche microdetector


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