Vision‐Based Cable Displacement Measurement Using Side View Video

Geonhee Lee, Sunjoong Kim, Sangsub Ahn, Ho Kyung Kim, Hyungchul Yoon

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Recent tragedies around the world have shown how accidents in the cable‐stayed bridges can wreak havoc on the society. To ensure the safety of the cable‐stayed bridges, several studies have estimated the cable tension force using the vibration of cables. Most of these methods for estimating the tension of a cable start with measuring the displacement of the cable. Recent development of commercial cameras provide opportunity for more convenient and efficient method for measuring the displacement of cable. However, traditional vision‐based displacement measurement methods require the assumption that the movement of the cable should be measured in parallel to the camera plane. This assumption limits the installation location of the camera when measuring the displacement of a cable. Therefore, this study introduces a new vision‐based cable displacement measurement system that can measure the displacement of a cable in various locations even when the camera is installed in the side of the cable. The proposed method consists of three phases: (1) camera projection matrix estimation, (2) cable tracking in the image coordinate, and (3) cable displacement estimation in the world coordinate. To validate the performance of the proposed method, a simulation‐based validation test, a lab‐scale validation test, and an on‐site validation test were conducted. The simulation‐based validation test verified the performance of the proposed method in an ideal condition, and the lab‐scale validation test showed the performance of the method in physical environment. Finally, the on‐site validation test showed that the proposed method can measure the cable displacement with a side view camera.

Original languageEnglish
Article number962
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1 Feb 2022


  • Cable‐stayed bridge
  • Computer vision
  • Side view video
  • Vision‐based displacement measurement


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